• Land-Vehicular-Explorer-325-Public-Safety

    Land Vehicle Explorer 325

    Compact voice and broadband solution for vehicles

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Whether your requirement is for a fixed site, mobile or portable communication solution or a range of solutions, ISS has a commercial-off-the-shelf solution or we can develop a customized solution to fit your need. The broad range of satellite based communications products and services offered by ISS make it easy to select a cost effective means to communicate with and from remote sites.

Service Solutions

Terrestrial Voice and data, Satellite Voice and Data, Customized Networks and Bandwidth, Systems Integration and Installation

Network Solutions

Routers, Switches, Out-of-Band Management, Power Management, CATV/MATV and CCTV Networks

Maritime Solutions

Satellite Communications, Satellite TV, Radio Communications, Maritime Safety

Land Solutions

Satellite Phones, Satellite Modems, Satellite Dishes, Fixed, Portable and Mobile