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Dynamo AC 600 Portable Power Pack


The Dynamo AC 600 provides a lightweight portable high capacity 12V battery pack with 600 watt pure-sine wave inverter and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller available in both a hard and soft case.

The Dynamo 600 AC can be used in many situations including; Emergency Response, Field service, Un-attended Remote Sensing, Remote Welding, and Overland Exploration. These and other activities need to operate essential appliances such as refrigerators, power tools, LED lights, laptop computers, sat and smartphones, and handheld radios. The Dynamo AC 600 can help accomplish this and much more…

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Product Description
Supports a 12V output for charging 12V devices that you would normally plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter.
Can run AC products such as; power tools, small refrigerators/freezers, TVs, computers, etc.
Recharges an 80% discharged battery from 200W solar panel in 4-5 hours under good sun conditions.

12V LiFePO4 battery pack
600W pure-sine wave inverter
Solar charge controller
Wall Charger
Yellow hard case or soft case


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