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Fleet One Postpaid – Global Plan


Activation Fee 50.00
Standard IP per MB 12.00
Fixed 0.79
Cellular 0.79
BGAN / FB / SB / FO / GSPS 0.79
Voicemail 0.79
SMS 0.55
Other charges:
Inmarsat B v/f/d 3.40
Inmarsat M v/f/d 2.90
Inmarsat Mini M v/f/d 2.50
Inmarsat GAN / Fleet / Swift Voice 2.50
Inmarsat Aero Voice 4.90
Iridiium Voice 11.00
Globalstar Voice 8.00
Thuraya Voice 6.00
Other MSS Carriers 6.99


*No location restructions on dara usage (unlike the coastal plan)
*No eligibility restructions on vessel type
*Service availlable with approved Fleet One terminals only
*Minimum duration of 1 month
*No streaming or ISDN/3.1kHz Audio


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